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Berlin Train Hopping – by OTA-Berlin contributor Mr Diarmaid O’Meara

February 5th, 2011

By Mr Diarmaid O’Meara  for the ‘ OTA-Berlin Constituency Blog’

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Berlin Train Hopping

Train hopping, one of my favorite Berlin pastimes, actually really more of a Summer Sport, is not what it sounds like.. That being the physical act of hopping from one train to another, be it either stationary or in motion, which I really do not endorse by the way! (*Enter standard content advisory disclaimer notification here*). It is in fact the Social Art of Meet/Greet/Converse with total strangers while viewing first hand the architectural delights of Berlins extensive underground system. All while slightly inebriated.

Anyone can experience this for the cost of a simple, two hour U-bahn ticket, €2.30 since the beginning of 2011. The extra inebriation costs vary, but the costs of developing some sort of social skills earlier in life are priceless. So if you don’t have any, I can’t help you. Being ‘Sociable’ also means not being too inebriated, so keep that in mind, and also, being presentably dressed whilst not sporting too many Right Wing tattoo’s will help with members of the opposite sex. Wink wink.

Right.. Onto the point!! The craft of ‘TrainHopping’© involves using Berlin’s busiest ‘Nightclub Frequenter’ trains, preferably after midnight when they are most busy. And between changing stations at busy intersections to board another busy train, you and your comrade’s (if you have any), should try and turn your carriage into a mobile party unit for as long as possible. This entails sparking interesting/funny conversations with as many people as possible in order to create an atmosphere of sheer enthusiasm or just fun, with strangers.

Now, you might ask, why this cannot be done in one of Berlins Gazillion Clubs, and the answer is of course, it can. But in the argument of spontaneity, this can be unbelievably fun. Several of my best experiences in Berlin kicked off with a bottle of Irish whiskey and a train ticket, only to end after meeting dozens of like minded folk doing the same thing, visiting a couple of clubs with them, hitting a house party later and meeting up again etc.

Now, be warned! Not everyone will be in the mood for your nonsense! Always be ready to make a swift exit should you inadvertently upset someone!!


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