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Culinary Cinema: Kitchen or Kitsch? – (un)easy eating at the Berlin Film Festival – by OTA-Berlin Constituency Blog contributor Mr Jörn Meyer

February 13th, 2012

There is more to film than meets the eye. Out to prove this are Dieter Kosslick, Berlinale Director, and his cuisine team in the Culinary Cinema section of the Berlin film festival. Some critics, though, find a lot of cheese in this film fondue, they think this kind of kitchen brings kitsch to the cinema, see too strong an eventisation taking place here, a theme-park mentality, and they fear a repertoire of ‘easy eating’, no matter if haute-cuisine features or finger-food flicks are being served at this screen canteen.

Nutritive values aside let’s us have a look at – to put it rudely – some of the film festival’s ‘popcorn events’ : “Today, on the 14th  at 5pm, under the heading of Tea Time: Trust in Taste chef Michael Hoffman presents his cookbook for the blind and sighted ( MGB Kinosaal/Spiegelzelt) while award-winning chef Michael Kempf prepares a dish after the premiere of “Step Up to the Plate,” Paul Lacoste’s documentary about the Michelin-starred chef Michel Bras and his son (19:30, MGB Kinosaal/Spiegelzelt).

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 15th ” Jessica Yu’s documentary about the global water crisis “Last Call at the Oasis (19:30, MGB Kinosaal/Spiegelzelt), will be preceded by a talk with one of the films protagonists, the real Erin Brockovich (17:00) , followed with a meal by Christian Lohse, kitchen ‘chief ‘at Berlin’s top restaurant, Fischers Fritz. (For the Tea Time Taste and Brockovitch activism one needs to register in adavance kulinarisches.kino@berlinale.de ). On Thursday the 16th you can see Chinese director Tsao Jui-Yuan’s  ‘Joyful Reunion’,  a film set around a vegetarian restaurant and featuring a character named Apple, succeeded by a Marco-Müller-made meal (not to be confused with the Marco Müller,  director of the Venice film festival, by the way.) All that remains to be said – Bon apetit!

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