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Art-Best-Seller’s extraordinary exhibition – 150 Gerhard Richter paintings at the New National Gallery – by OTA-Berlin Constituency Blog contributor Mr Jörn Meyer

February 16th, 2012
Gerhard Richter - foto Wikipedia - source www.lothar-wolleh.de

Gerhard Richter - foto Wikipedia - source www.lothar-wolleh.de

If you want to break free from the moving pictures at the Berlin Film Festival at their Potsdamer Platz headquarters for a moment, you can venture past the Berlin Philharmonie over to the New National Gallery and be moved by the famously blurred paintings of the world’s number one artist Gerhard Richter.
In Manager Magazin’s Kunstkompass (an art compass or world ranking list of artists) he held this spot every year from 2004 to 2011 apart from 2009. His ‘candle’ in a frame, a picture from 1983, was recently auctioned for 12 million Euros (what makes it maybe about as lucrative a piece as Elton John’s ‘candle in the wind’). A handful of his other works, some from as early as the mid 60s, come close to this figure.
If you go, though, beware – the exhibitioners only let a 1000 people in at a time. The Panorama can be seen as a birthday present to Richter as the artist turned 80 on the 9th of February.
Not that the talented and most famous German painter of his generation is in urgent need of many gifts, being worth an estimated 200 million Euro, which makes him one of the 500 richest citizens of the country. He himself thinks these prices absurd and silly, just like the banking crisis, as he has been qouted saying. The Gallery promotes their showcase as follows:
“Around 150 paintings from all periods of the artist’s extensive oeuvre, carefully selected together with the artist himself, offer visitors a profound insight into his stylistically and thematically diverse body of work.”
They point out how his work has transgressed traditions and definitions over time. As a unique highlight, possibly even overshadowing his candle, Richter has completed Version 1 of his work 4900 Colours – an over 200 meter long piece by the master to encompass his Panorama.
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