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Maria am Ostbahnhof Closes Her Heavy Doors

February 25th, 2011

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Maria am Ostbahnhof Closes Her Heavy Doors

Maria am Ostbahnhof has been a staple of Berlin nightlife since the ’90s and has now abruptly announced its own cessation, although everyone “knew” it would be closing this year. Alas “knowing” and “knowing for certain” are distinct entities that come with very different reactions. On May 21, 2011, Maria will open its doors and dance-floors for the last time. Where will all the electro-loving 19-year-olds go now? It is being said that Maria will simply move locations, as it did back in the early days of its existence. As it is now, it has a prime spot overlooking the Spree and is fairly close to Tresor, Berghain and Bar 25 (assuming that re-opens somewhere near where it closed last year.)

Of all things to be torn down for, what was once the 8,000 quadrant-meter Maria will now be an eight-story building planned by an ‘investor.’ Instead of a club, the area will be composed of apartments and office buildings. Who would want to live on the grave of a nightclub with the ghosts of parties past floating around? Probably a lot of people will not care. Another popular club, WMF, is also being kicked out of its residency for an ‘investor’ and forced to find a new location. WMF has already moved four times. In the past, clubs opened as often as they closed so closings were never taken seriously, but according to some people I spoke with, there seems to be a new trend developing in which more close than open.

Erik says that, while there used to be more interesting new clubs, “now there are no new clubs everyone is excited about. Berlin has changed in the last few years.” Of course that is one way to look at it, but not everyone is so concerned. Janine says that she, “doesn’t care if Maria closes,” because she “prefers other clubs anyway, and it’s not like Berghain or Watergate is disappearing.” Indeed, then one might become concerned for those are the clubs that people mention when they talk about Berlin. She goes farther to add that, “Maria isn’t closing, it’s just moving. It’s not a big deal.” This is a valid point, this is not the end of Maria, supposedly. Yet Erik disagrees and says nostalgically, “Okay it’s probably not closing, true, but it loses something when it moves, it’s not the place that it was before.”  Of course, some who aren’t huge Maria fan could argue that that is not a terrible thing.

One of the reasons named for the club closing is that it costs more to heat the club and provide it with electricity than the building (which was built in 1962) receives in rent. It would appear that being a famous location since 1998 is not compensation enough.

In any case, hopefully Maria will reopen bigger and better and should that unfortunately fail to come to be, then hopefully the closing party will terribly, terribly amazing.


Erik, 23, student at HU

Janine, 31, website owner



Cindy Su, February 23, 2011

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