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The nitty-gritty of witty graffiti and street-smart street art – by OTA-Berlin Constituency Blog contributor Mr Jörn Meyer

March 9th, 2012


I’M THE BLOODY QUEEN OF ENGLAND – now how is that for a heady statement straight from the heart of street art? A monarch might mind and lament “we are not amused” that “it has pleased Providence to place me in this station”, but at least aesthetically it’s quite a pleasing ‘tagline’ (which I saw not at London’s Victoria station but in Berlin Weißensee, near a temporary art gallery set up to ‘uppen’ the somewhat ‘low-lying’ area). I bet the ‘canny’ sprayer receives no royalties from the royals for his paint job.

Be that as it may, graffiti and street art have gone somewhat mainstream and up in the world – and the City – as of late. Today everyone has heard of Banksy, the unrevealed godfather of the craft, has seen pictures of his political and smart art, ample a sample of which you can find in Berlin and others of which trade for six figures at Sotheby’s. Like London the Spree capital certainly is a hotbed for spray painters of any Coleur (not just for Bristol born Banksy). Often shown and well-known, are the huge figures at Schlesische Straße in Kreuzberg – let alone the zone of the East Side Gallery, the longest Berlin-wall relict altogether, with its melting-pot stroke of the airbrush. Or take the ones at Tacheles’ backyard that you see from Friedrichstraße. And then again from Oranienburger Straße where you spot the hugely clever ‘HOW LONG IS NOW’ mark-up on that very same building. Mauerpark and its bordering Bernauer Straße also display a rich tapestry of graffiti.

But most of the scribble elsewhere in town is unfortunately not always of that high a standard and often rather stupid stuff, tagging – or pure vandalism. When one does come across a beautiful ‘wallflower’, though, it can colour one’s hour profoundly and add it to the finest of the day. So just look up, as above there is 3000 words in pictures for you. (Photos: Jörn  Meyer)

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