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Occupy…The Berlin Wall Street! – by OTA-Berlin Blog contributor Jörn Meyer

March 16th, 2012

Berlin TV tower/ Photo Jörn Meyer

As U2’s Los Angeles performed Belfast yearnings for religious and income neutral postcodes go, there are places ‘where the streets have no name’. This seems true not only in Utopia but elsewhere, too. Namely in New York City. Who doesn’t know the NYC grid, after all?!

As a student I did a bike-messenger stint in Manhattan, so tourists would frequently ask me for directions to the then twin towers of the World Trade Center.

From that I know that some streets there do have names and famously so in the financial district where (near today’s Ground Zero) a street so small stands tall as a Wall.

Recently the high society there got squatters that weren’t much up its alley but wouldn’t move away with their movement Occupy Wall Street. The man in the street was basically voting with his feet.

But before my entry gets politically out of hand I shall shift to Berlin, where our future president, Mr. Joachim Gauck, has unfortunately called Occupy Wall Street a silly affair, based on his struggle in the planned economy of the former East prior to the fall of the wall.

However, as my shot up the iconic TV tower shows the initiative is also alive and kicking in Berlin. The snap was taken near the Rotes Rathaus or Red City Hall (a name owed as much to its political as its brick colour). But enough with politics already.

Fly 500 metres low with the crow to the south from the Red City Hall and you’ll hit the Berlin Wall street or Wallstraße, which has nothing to do with New York’s Wall Street nor with the Berlin Wall. The German word Wall translates into the English rampart whereas the English wall is a Mauer in German.

Anyway, Berlin’s Wall street is a 950-metre stretch in the centrally located Mitte district with two U2 links, the U2 underground metro line, that is, not the Dublin band. The line runs 650 metres along underneath the street and connects the stations Märkisches Museum und Spittelmarkt. You will further find the embassies of Angola (No. 59), Australia (No. 76-79), Brazil (No. 57) as well as Cyprus (No. 27) based here.

Around the corner lie the Märkisches Museum, exhibiting the history of Berlin from its early ages, as well as the bear barn for the living heraldic animals of Berlin. These bears bear the names Maxi and Schnute and are the brown counterparts of their late popular polar companion Knut.

So, Achtung Baby, descent on Wall street, get busy and you can easily become part of the Occupy movement. Yes, U2.

Also see the following article on future president Mr Gauck  http://www.ota-berlin.de/blog/02/20/with-some-help-from-ship-jumping-fdp-mr-clean-pastor-joachim-gauck-becomes-president-of-germany-criticism-has-just-started-%E2%80%93-%E2%80%98no-gauck%E2%80%99-and-%E2%80%98notmypresident/






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