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Lufthansa orders 30 Airbus and 5 Boeing aircraft

March 18th, 2011


Lufthansa has placed orders for 35 new aircraft – 30 of the new passenger aircraft are of the new up-graded Airbus A320neo type and 5 are for Boeing 777-freighters for their Cargo business.

With greater fuel efficiency, these new aircraft will bring lower operating costs and also cut noise levels and CO2 emissions.

They will burn around 15 % less fuel than comparable aircraft in service today, and because fuel costs are one of the chief operational factors for airlines, fleet renewal of this sort makes economic sense.

 The breakdown for the Airbus orders are for 25 of the A320neo type and 5 of the larger A321neo models – delivery is set to begin in 2016.

The A320neo airplanes will fly routes in Europe and are the latest version of the most successful European aircraft ever, the single aisle A320 family of aircraft –there are almost 4500 ot this aircraft type in active service around the world.

Berlin can expect to see all of these aircraft types at the new BBI – Berlin Brandenburg International airport when it opens  June next year 2012.

Lufthansa has also controversially ordered the Boeing 747-800 as launch customer for the passenger model. It competes directly with more economical and completely new and by most standards superior European A380. It will be one of the few if not the only carrier to operate both aircraft types.

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