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“It’s not Cricket in Berlin!” – protest against closing of Berlin Cricketpitch at ‘Körnerplatz’ – by OTA-Berlin Constituency Blog contributor ‘Ms Tanya’

April 11th, 2011


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Liebe Freunde, dear friends, beste vrienden,

A week ago the Olympiastadium Verwaltung GmbH  “demolished” the cricketpitch at the Körnerplatz.
This wasn`t communicated with the players and cricketclubs on the forehand: it came as an suprise over night.

We cannot accept the way the authorities are treating the cricketplayers.
The cricketpitch in Berlin, the only left from 3 pitches the english allies left for the cricketsport in 1994, is known by a huge international cricket minded community from everywhere in the world.
Many summerseasons with good memories, international encounters, shared by young and old.

Last Year the Berlin Cricket Club even won the German Championship on this pitch!

The international media (press, TV, internet) started to publish about it.
See article in the Times, last night a funny issue on RBB TV (“Voll Daneben”)

Join the facebook community ” Keep Körnerplatz for cricket”

more information see website / www.berlincc.de



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4 Responses to ““It’s not Cricket in Berlin!” – protest against closing of Berlin Cricketpitch at ‘Körnerplatz’ – by OTA-Berlin Constituency Blog contributor ‘Ms Tanya’”

  1. Frank B. says:

    It is my understanding that the Olympiapark Berlin has offered – prior to dismantling the cricketpitch at the Körnerplatz for safety concerns, those cricket balls are heavy – the much larger Maifeld as a substitute which – according to an aerial photograph from 1954 – had been the favourite, historical and traditional cricket playground of the British Forces while these stayed in Berlin. Therefore I find this fuzz somewhat irritating.

  2. Tanya says:

    One can understand that not everybody understands what is really needed for a serious cricketpitch. The fuzz is, that nobody asked and did it without getting in touch with the cricket federation before.

    It came totally by surprise! A few days before the first training and matches were planned. The season was over in october 2010, from then on there was enough time to sit around the table and talk about an alternative instead of the Körnerplatz.

    What do you think happens on the Maifeld this year? There are a lot of activities already booked like concerts, Worldcup and for instance playing cricket after a Polomatch is not such a good idea.

    And yes there are more pitches, but it would be fair to discuss it with the cricketexperts instead of kicking them out from their field of the last 20 years.

  3. Frank B. says:

    According to my information there have been negotiations as early as January, following a cricket ball that caused damage to a car. That brought up the liability and insurance question what would happen if such a cricket ball would accidentally hit a pedestrian…and exactly such thing happened in February on the grounds of the former Tempelhof airfield.

    Some of the reasoning had been that nothing had happened in the past 40 years. I’m sorry, but this kind of “Fukushima excuse” is no longer applicable or acceptable. Without an insurance that would cover such liabilities, safety comes first, in my humble opinion.

  4. Tanya says:

    I don’t know were you get your information from but cricket is played from april to september in Berlin.

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