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Love in Berlin – Fun, Budget, Classic and Unique Date Ideas

June 15th, 2009

Dying for that Spectacular Date in Berlin? Twelve Ideas Coming Up.

So the great news is that you have this hot date tonight… It’s that person you just met on the subway or that person you came to Berlin with, or even that person you’ve been seeing here for a month. But the bad news..? You want to have some ‘special’ time together and do something novel. But what oh what do you do when your ideas have suddenly run dry and that dreadful question floats threateningly across the phone line: ‘So then.. what do you want to do?’ To help you circumvent answering your lover with that chronic response of insecure agreeableness: ‘I don’t know, what do you want to do?’, here are some ideal answers.

Budget Suggestions

“Let’s have a picnic in the park”

-In summer, go to a park. Tiergarten is fantastic and spacious. There are areas that grow crowded with meat-loving-Germans, grilling away while drinking beers with friends, as well as a plethora of little groves, great for private picnics. Volkspark Friedrichshain is another great one.

“Do you have running shoes with you?”

-Be the couple that works out together…. Go for a run together along the Spree. In winter you will run faster because of the cold, in summer you will get sweaty together.

“Do you prefer paintings or statues?”

-Visit a museum Thursday night for free. From 6 to 10 p.m. various museums open their doors ‘umsonst’, so take advantage. For art lovers the Gemaelde Galerie at Potsdamer Platz is recommended, and for history lovers the Egyptian Museum near Lustgarten tops the list.

Classic Suggestions

“There’s this film we should definitely check out”

-Go to a movie at the English movie theater, Cinestar at Potsdamer Platz

“Do you love food as much as me?”

-Eat dinner at one of Berlin’s most prestigious restaurants: Hotel Adlon, Fischers Fritz, Margaux, Hugos, or Die Quadriga

“I have to admit, I just adore the arts”

-Go to the opera, theater or philharmonic and dress to the nines.

Unique to Berlin Suggestions

“They say Berlin looks great from the river”

-Take a boat tour along the Spree in all seasons with YCS Chartered Yacht Service. Berlin has some nice architecture you can appreciate along the way.

“Do you have a favorite bar or club yet?”

-Meet at a bar, and then follow it up by going to a club. While dinner and a movie might be the classic date combo for other cities, here a bar and a club really are the thing. White Trash Fast Food is quite popular with English speakers, and clubs like Weekend in Mitte or Puro in the west, both have really romantic views of the city.

“Are you free Sunday morning for some bartering?”

-Go to a flea market Sunday morning. The mother of them all is Mauer Park in Prenzlauerberg from about 9a.m. to 3p.m. There is also a cute one near the S-Bahn Tiergarten.

Super-Fun Date Suggestions

“When was the last time you mini-golfed?”
-Play minigolf and ping pong in Tegel at Peter’s Miniatur-Golf-Welt at in Minigolf und Pit-Pat am Hertzbergplatz in Neukölln.
“I throw an amazing bowl (I’m awful at bowling) but it’s great for your arms…”

-Go bowling at Bowling Center am Alexanderplatz

“How do you feel about modern poetry?”

-Go to a poetry reading. Check out the schedule of Rosi’s or Mano Cafe every Thursday for open mic night, or alternatively visit Ackerkeller

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