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Berlin Ready to be Blown Away at the Pyronale 2010

August 29th, 2010




Fireworks in Berlin - foto ULI KLOSE

            Berlin Ready to be Blown Away at the Pyronale 2010

Walk down the streets of Berlin anytime near New Years and a few explosions later, you will be forced to acknowledge it – Germans don’t like fireworks, they love them.

Fortunately, at the Pyronale it will be professionals setting off the intricately designed explosions instead of groups of fifteen year-old boys.

More than 60,000 visitors attended the 2009 Pyronale, also known as the ‘World Champtionship of Fireworks,’ which will see its fourth annual celebration occur this year from  September 3rd to 4th.

 It is not just a showcase for pyro-technics, it is a competition for pyro artists vying to win the Pyronale trophy.

Last year six teams competed with Feuerwerke Jost from Austria ultimately capturing the title.

The judges’ criteria for choosing the victor is based on the overall impression of the display, the originality of it, and the cohesive interplay of illumination and music.

The winner receives the gold, the runner-up silver, and the third best team bronze. The prize trophies were created by Jette Joop.

It is held at Maifeld at the Olympic Stadium, with standing tickets costing 18,- €  per day and seated tickets costing 38,- €  per day. If you like blazing displays of light – and who doesn’t? – then make sure to get your ticket

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