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EURO BANKNOTES to Rival the US DOLLAR BILLS– Possibly ….after all the anti-austerity Protests!

September 30th, 2010
Euro banknotes

Euro banknotes - Wikipedia -Andrew Netzler

Euro to Rival the Dollar – Possibly

EU central bank efforts to bring the EURO under tighter control seem to have stablized the single currency and has won international respect while so doing.

Chancellor Merkel in Berlin today told the German Bundestag European Affairs Committee that nations in Eastern Europe especially but also elsewhere depend on a constant and stable Euro.

She also said that internationally many countries would like the Euro to rival the U.S. dollar as an alternative currency in international trade – a 2nd major currency area besides the Dollar area.

Presently it seems  that no EU member state will have to draw on the Euro-zone rescue funds which had been established earlier this year – this despite difficult budget problems in Ireland, Greece and Spain.

However the ‘pill’ has been a hard one for many ordinary EU citizens to stomach and many went on strike today to show their disconent with their governments budget cuts.

 “Let the rich Pay!” was a slogan heard over many EU streets today.

Many protesters took to the streets of European cities – national general-strikes against austerity measures caused by the decline in public spending and services in Europe have caused widespread disruption.

National demonstrations were held in Spain, Belgium and Greece, and further co-ordinated protests were held in more European countries that included Portugal, Ireland, Slovenia and Lithuania.

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