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Clubbing Berlin – ‘Berghain’ Door Policy – How to get in – ‘OTA-Berlin Constituency Blog’ contributor Evo Lucian tells you how!

October 18th, 2010


Evo Lucian

Evo Lucian

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Berghain - a former plant building -foto Wikipedia - by Nicor

Clubbing Berlin – ‘Berghain’ Door Policy – How to get in – ‘OTA-Berlin Constituency Blog’ contributor Evo Lucian tells you how! (Berghain – Rüdersdorfer Strasse 70, 10243 Berlin)

What are they looking for in the people they admit?

What are they looking out for in the people they turn away?

Some would say that there are no rules and that it’s completely random. Some say it’s down to the mood the bouncer is in. Some say you should pretend to be gay, if you are not. The fact is that there is no definitive answer, but there are definitely some things you can do to greatly increase your chances of getting in.

I am speaking as someone with lots of experience of getting in as well as some experience of getting refused, and I know the reasons why I was refused. I’ve also spoken in depth with friends about their experiences and I’ve observed intently, on every occasion that I’ve been there, what it is the bouncers seem to be looking for, based on who they let in and who they turn away

It’s not like going to a club with a dress code, like Felix, where you know they are looking for particular items of clothing: that is, for men, a shirt with a collar and shoes.

No, Berghain’s dress code is less defined than this.

But you can fairly safely say that if you go dressed as you would for Felix, you probably won’t get in. If you go dressed in very dull and boring clothes you might not get in. If wear an anorak up to the door you probably won’t get in.

But there’s a lot more that you should know. So here is my best advice:

Before you even think about going think about what age you look. In general Berghain like their crowd to be over 25. This does not necessary mean you need to BE over 25. Just as long as you look around this age and if all of the other reasons for refusal don not apply, then there a good chance you’ll get in. They don’t often actually check ID, as far as I’ve seen.

Do not talk whilst queuing. Don’t say a word. This is not about whether you speak German or English or any other language. People who talk a lot in the line don’t seem to get in. So be quiet, even if you have to queue for 30 minutes or more.

And if you have to say something, say it quietly.

When you get up to the door don’t act too anxious. Have a laid-back demeanor, even if you feel extremely nervous inside (I know, it’s only a club – but it’s a really, really good club, and one you should see while you’re in Berlin).

Do not be too drunk. If you are quite drunk, act sober. Do not be on any drugs! They will see it in your eyes and they will know, and you will be told to stand aside. That means you are not getting in.

When you become the next in line, don’t walk forward and stand right in front of the bouncer. Stay back at the end of the queuing bars. Wait. Be cool. The bouncer will ask you how many of you there are: “Wieviel sind Sie”, and you will say “Wir sind zwei” (We are two people), or “Wir sind drei” (We are three people).

Whatever you do, don’t go up in groups of more than three. Ideally, only be two people. If you are going in threes don’t be three girls or three guys. Try to mix it up a bit, if that is an option. Couples (a guy and a girl or two guys) tend to get in, especially if the rest of the my advice is abided by.

People who go up on their own tend to get in too. It’s probably a good idea to agree with your friends that if some of them don’t in, they will have to accept this, and go somewhere else, rather than expecting you to wait inside, deciding whether to stay or go. You can’t be waiting around inside the door to see if your friends get in, showing the door staff that really, you’re all together.

They often subsequently eject people who have gotten past the bouncer, perhaps for this reason, but also if they notice something major that the bouncer has missed, like that the person is very drunk or on drugs. So continue to be cool as you are being searched and paying in.  If you have a camera on you, you have to hand it in at the cash desk and get a token. This is a free service. You’re only safe after you’ve paid and walked through the entrance to the ground floor area where the cloakroom is.

Anyway, back to being at the door, facing the bouncers: Being gay might help but it is not grounds for automatic entry. Remember the other hints too. Also pretending to be gay and going over the top in the queue to prove this will probably have the opposite effect and you won’t get in. Remember, Berghain is not a gay club. It’s a gay-friendly club and what they want is a really good mix of people.

They want cool people. They want open minded and chilled people. They want lots of straight people and lots of gay people. They want everyone to feel comfortable inside and not threatened. They also want to protect their gay clientele from any kind of disapproving looks, words or actions. You need to show them by everything you do at the door that you are cool, laid back and open minded, and won’t be shocked if you happen to see two men together. Dressing fashionably can help. This shows them that you are in touch with your feminine side.  This can be what’s “in” or your very own style. Having your own really unique and obscure style can be something that will earn you a “geh weiter” (go ahead [inside]). But at the same time, don’t dress up too much. Don’t go overboard. But don’t dress boringly either.

Wearing a scarf is always good. They love scarves. If you look like you are interested in style, you will probably be the kind of person they want in their club. That’s not to say that someone in a T-shirt and jeans won’t get in if they abide by the rest of my tips. They do want some T-shirt and jeans types of people too. Having a shaved head seemed to cause a problem for a friend of mine. So he wore a hat, which seemed to work, and then he grew his hair a bit and that also worked. I don’t know if this one is that important. I shave my head sometimes and I’m pretty sure I had it freshly shaved a few times when I went to Berghain.

But to be on the safe side I now wear a hat when necessary. A woolly hat.

And they seem fine with this look as well.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to give it a try and remember that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get in. There’s a few really good clubs nearby: Maria am Ostbahnhof is open all year round and Bar 25 is a great place to go in the summer.

There’s also lots more great clubs not too far away, like Tresor, Weekend, the Watergate, Ritter Butzke and Spyz. This attitude of not really being too bothered can help to get you in.

If you act cool, and act like you know you’re probably going to get in, but without looking cocky, and also like you don’t really care if you don’t get in, will probably get you.

Seems like a lot to remember, and you might not be able to rembember all of it. So the most important things are:

Try to dress stylishly, whatever that style is Be reasonably sober and do not have taken any drugs Go in small groups Shut up in the queue!

And act laid back in front of the bouncers.

As for when to go there, if you don’t want to have to queue for too long, or at all, go at 5am. Yes, that’s very late, but the club goes on all day Sunday and remains busy the whole time. It’s probably the best time to be there. Just get some sleep before you go out and go out about 1 or 2am, have a few drinks, then head down to Berghain, and enjoy what might be the best clubbing night of your life.

Saturday night is probably the hardest time to get in, i.e. between 2am and 4am, as this is when all the tourists go. On Fridays night / Saturday morning it is not as good as only one of the floors is open – the Panorama Bar – and it’s not the main floor. Although, it is easier to get in on Fridays night / Saturday morning, and it can still be good enough, but it can be quiet if you go very late, like after 7am. 2am is a good time to go, if you do go on Fridays night / Saturday morning.

Take note: Sunday morning between 5am and 8am is one of the best times to go in order to queue very little or not at all. Arriving then, but looking reasonably sober seems to be golden. Arriving on Sunday afternoon is also a gem of a way to get in. That’s when the locals come and the club goes on until at least 2am on Monday morning; often much later if it’s a big night.  Keep that in mind when planning your weekend (long weekend) in Berlin.


Link to the club @-http://www.berghain.de/

and also – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berghain

See our latest articles about Berghain.

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35 Responses to “Clubbing Berlin – ‘Berghain’ Door Policy – How to get in – ‘OTA-Berlin Constituency Blog’ contributor Evo Lucian tells you how!”

  1. emilie says:

    this is like, my bible

  2. caron says:

    This is great advice.

  3. […] everywhere on the internet trying to get tips on how to beat the insane door policy (links here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). I practiced saying “Zwei” (two) like a German. Needless to say, I was a […]

  4. evan says:

    It is a very strict door policy but it really works. There’s never anyone inside that is likely to cause any trouble. Never any fights. Nothing. And for that reason I’m glad the door policy is strict.

  5. evan says:

    Nice one! ; )

  6. Nancy Astor says:

    Perhaps nobody fights …….because they are all on drugs? NA – hannover/hangover

  7. Fred says:

    No offense, but if you need a guide you won’t get in. It’s pretty simple. Look cool or gay, DON’T look like a tourist / ‘lad’, you’ll be fine.

  8. evan says:

    I disagree Fred. I’ve seen several cool looking and gay people being turned away for various other reasons so the more people know about what they should and shouldn’t do, apart from the basics that you mentioned, the more chance they’ll get in.

  9. terrance says:

    shorts in beghain?

  10. rks says:

    Great post! Some advice to get in, guess it’ll help you some anywho;
    * no colours
    * speak german
    * two ppl at the same time
    * shut up in line

    Berghain is fckn amazing, totally worth it if you manage to get in. =)

  11. Mia says:

    Some of this is exaggerated.
    What they don´t want is people that come to Berghain for the sake of going to Berghain (because that´s what it says in their guide etc.) and really for the music, atmosphere and peopel. So do not look too touristy (sunglasses, backpack) or too “goody-goody”, speaking German definitly helps, look interesting (you don´t have to be super stylish to get in), look like you are relaxed and up for a long night of fun. Be respectful, don´t stare at the bouncers, behave calmly and chilled whilst waiting in the queue. Do not wear high heels, short sparkly partydresses, suits or nice shirts, very sporty clothes (cap, snowboarder jacket) as this is a techno club.
    You can get in with more than 2 people! HAVE FUN

  12. Nickjw says:

    after a heavy, heavy night last summer whilst travelling i got into Berghain at about 5am. I was 18 my shirt had lost roughly half its buttons and i was an utter mess. My friends in front of me were refused entry, and i was following them up after relieving myself on a wall (true englishman), and so decided to try on my own. Approaching the bouncers, including mr tattoo face, i just held my head high and they didnt seem to even take notice of me as i walked in. There cannot really be a door policy in place, as they refused my more respectable friends who were with a canadian girl we had met. if there really is one, try looking like youve had a nice 70cl to yourself!

  13. evan says:

    Different people have had different experiences with the bouncers. Sometimes looking like you know you’re getting in, gets you. Sometimes looking a bit mad, but still in control gets you. There are no hard and fast rules, but every bit of advice – including yours – helps, and is welcome.

  14. evan says:

    Thanks for your comment. Everyone’s advice is helpful. The worst thing to do for any visitor would be not to read up about the door policy first. The more tips people get the better chance they have of not making a silly mistake at the door after queuing for so long. I appreciate your opinion too.

  15. Frank says:

    Sorry Evo, but 75 % you wrote is not relevant.

    The rules are quite easy: The do not let people in who would not like it anyway. Although they do not want to have people who just want to “have a look” and are not willing to participate.

  16. evan says:

    Well, that is not exactly helpful advice Frank and it’s also not true. And it wouldn’t really have made a very interesting article, but thanks for your input anyway. It’s not true because I’ve gone with several people who previously had not gotten in and then did with me and they loved it. Absolutely loved it. My advice is completely relevant because it is based all the things that I’ve seen happen, all the things that have happened me and all the conversations I’ve had with others who have and haven’t gotten in. It’s everything I know of that affects the bouncers decisions that I have seen on so many occasions. And that is far more useful than an one line answer. However, as I said their decision is never guaranteed and this is not rule book. It’s just me trying to help others who are interested enough in going there to research the club rather than going up to the door blindly.

  17. Quora says:

    How can you maximize your chances of getting into Berghain?…

    What I found to be the most important factor at the door at Berghain is age: look under 25 and you’re most likely to get turned away. I am only 20 years old and I had to try twice, before I was admitted. After I got in, I was clearly the only one unde…

  18. Anna says:

    This is so funny! I am a 53 year old girl/lady… In Berlin for business Was recommended the club, went there Sat. at 3 am, in line for app 30 min. Then I was in… Had no idea it was so cool and difficult to get in. Short skirt and high heels, blond, straight etc i.e. not the typical guest, I would guess. But just loved the place and the music, danced for hours… no place like this in Stockholm and would love to get back. But next time probably stressed not to get in. Sat. I was probably “cool” in my ignorance of how difficult it is to get in.

  19. cj says:

    i think the door policy is totally random, however one thing you need to be able to do is speak german. don’t speak english, and don’t talk in the queue. we got in as a group of four girls, however one of us spoken german to the bouncer. we went back on sunday and were refused, didn’t even get a chance to say anything.

  20. gs says:

    Was there this weekend, didn’t know about the (apparently) strict door policy. Got in without any hassles.
    Most of the stuff that you wrote in your article is just plain human sense. Think for one minute that you are a bouncer and what your criterias would be and then act accordingly whilst standing in front of the big boys.

    And hey, if they reject you: They just didn’t deserve your audience … It’s just a club after all.

  21. Great club, however, at first I haven’t succeeded to get in. Probably I didn’t meet staff’s conditions towards person’s look and image. So I came the other day a bit earlier, about 8 o’clock and bingo I was in.

  22. Rob Kennedy says:

    Will the bouncers ask you much besides how many people you are? I don’t speak German but I could easily learn to recognise that question and to give an answer. But if they started asking me other things I wouldn’t have a clue what they were on about

  23. gs says:


    Yeah, guess I am just a “Berghain person” who just goes to another club, if the bouncers have their menstruation the day I arrive … ;-)

    Yep – it was a great sunday night / monday morning. Usually not quite the time I go out clubbing. But hey, different cities, different standards. Glad I went there and will probably go again on day!

  24. Edwardo says:

    Right then guys are you ready for this………My friend and I went to Berlin at the weekend as we have never been. One of the reasons was to go to see one of our fave DJ’s Luciano who was playing at Panorama Bar (Berghain), we knew he was playing on Sunday but wasnt sure what time so we decided to go down Sunday morning at 7am after having a sleep. We are both 30 and definitely cool, I was wearing grey chords military style boots and military style smart jacket with a scarf neck top underneath as it was freezing and sporting a neatly trimmed beard.
    My friend was wearing smart grey jeans boots and burbour style jacket sporting a bit of stubble! So we are fresh faced, yet a little anxious as we read a few reviews and were warned that we might not get in, we walked down the path of doom to the club, there was nobody in the queue, so just us at the front waiting anxiously at the barrier. The doorman opens the door, takes a look at us shakes his head and points to the side gate. Gutted! Back down the path of doom we go in a taxi back to the hotel.
    We decided to chill out watch some tv have an hour then go back down to the club at 2 to hopefully see Luciano. We also decided to change our outfit so they wouldnt recognise us, so outfit 2 was black bootcut distressed jeans so not so smart same boots, Scarf Neck cotton jacket with a couple of layers underneath not visible and this time a slouch beanie, my friend: brown chords same shoes blue shirt and thick blue knitted cardigan and slouch beanie! Again fresh faced we head down to Berghain and the path of doom 3 people in queue behind us my friend stood in front of me, the door opens and the doorman (different guy) looks at us and asks “zwei?” we reply “Ja” he thinks about it for a couple of seconds, shakes his head and points to the side gate. Consequently the 3 Germans behind us 2 guys one girl walk straight in. Gutted again we get back in the taxi go for some food and a drink then back to the hotel to get warm.
    We had given up at this point until we got back to the hotel, checked Twitter and found out Luciano was playing from 7pm till the death, which obviously lifted our spirits and we decided to give it one last try. I had bought a leather look hooded bomber jacket that looked cool but not too smart because I only had 2 jackets and wanted to wear something more casual as the people we seen going in and out of the club had hooded jackets on hats etc.
    I wore blue chords same boots and a grey beanie and I shaved my beard off leaving a moustache to make me look different. My friend: dark jeans burbour style jacket and black peaked beanie. This time we had a couple of drinks while getting ready to calm the nerves and I listed 4 other clubs that we could try if we didnt get in.
    This time, as advised we decided to go to the door one by one, we got there at 8pm, I chose to go 1st, I got to the door and while I was waiting I could here Luciano was playing as he has a particular style of music. The door opens (different doorman) he looks at me shakes his head and says no I say “no” he says “no” and points to the gate. Triple gutted! Now my friends turn. I walk back up the path and follow him 20 yards behind to see what the doorman does, he opens the door to let some people out and I think to myself “hes getting in” the doorman points to him as if to say “you” and he edges forward a little (thinking hes in), but the doorman shakes his head and points to the side gate. I dont know weather he was teasing him or someone watching the monitor had knocked him back. On this occassion there was a couple of groups of people stood outside that had also been refused entry.
    So as you can see from the story we followed most of the simple rules to gain access and I have only 3 reasons that we may have been refused entry.

    1. We dont look German or eastern European
    2. Every time we went to the club, there was no queue
    3. We were not starry eyed (off our tits on pills)

    I know you say you shouldnt take drugs but the people that were coming out were smashed. I have been clubbing for 10 years ive been to the UK’s best Techno club, most clubs in London and all over the UK, Ibiza, Miami, Amsterdam and South Africa. I am a DJ and producer and produce house music with my friend so we are very passionate about music which is why we went there. So why would they not allow us into the club to experience it and let us get our fix of house music????

  25. leind says:

    I agree mostly with the common rules like
    – no loud funny talking in the line
    – no smoking in very front of the bouncers
    – no crazy colours or logos
    – casual smart, bla bla cool.
    – better speak german or dont say anything

    BUT on last weekend 2 of my UK friends were ruining ALL theory,
    2 girls totally drunk, with glitter in the face, and a backpack,
    were just going straight in and had a blast.

  26. Vincent says:

    Hello, I just want to add some things that might be interesting to some:

    We went to Berghain last saturday http://berghain.de/event/370 and queued up shortly before midnight. Not being from Berlin (I live in Leipzig, 120km away but easy to get to Berlin from), I was eager to hear what a friend of mine who regularly goes there had to say which were basically all the things you pointed out: don’t be loud/aggressive/too drugged up, show up either super-early (midnight) or rather late (8am and later), mixed groups no larger than 3 (or go alone) and speak german.
    So we queued up as a group of 4, 1 girl and 3 guys. Knowing the chances were incredibly slim I was probably visibly nervous. But we were a very mixed group, a doctor in his early 30s, a girl in her early 20s (with a scarf! :)), a rather bulky football player and me the skinny technonerd, both mid-20s. Nobody dressed “fancy” or wore something he/she would usually never wear. I wore black skinny jeans, black no-name sneakers (plain design), an older colourful but visibly damaged cleptomanicx windbreaker and a blue/grey Sixpack France sweater. All behaved quietly and respectful as we watched literally more than 2/3 before us getting rejected in the rain. Lots of “Mitte-girls” (young women who only want to get into Berghain to say ‘Oh yeah I’ve been to Berghain!’) tourists or people with a tourist vibe or that simply wouldn’t fit into the night (think of people that shop their clothes at C&A ).
    Bouncer (not Rummelsnuff or Sven, but he was there too) only raised his fingers to signal “2? 3?” and the girl said “No, we’re 4″, I pointed to the other 2 guys and he just nodded and let us in. Once you are in get in quickly to have your stuff checked by security (they do check even the smallest pockets in your jeans sometimes so if you want to take some little helpers with you to help your stamina better hide them carefully). One thing that might be a bit confusing at first is after security you pay for the entrance and get the famous stamp on your wrist, the wardrobe comes AFTER you go through a plastic curtain.

    Inside we met many many different people we thought would definitely not get in. But that’s probably the secret about it, from 19yo university freshmen over totally drugged teachers to 50 year old grandmothers who flirt fiercely with mid 30 jocks it’s all there. They want Berlin, everything that’s cool and diverse. Not a generic crowd that’s too uptight to party wildly. Be yourself is probably a cheesy advice but don’t be something you are not just because you want to get in, they’ll find out (and you probably wouldn’t enjoy your stay either). Oh and don’t be confused if you go to take a piss at the men’s bar (on Berghain floor) and have a bear walk up to you and say “You can piss in my mouth too if you want” as that’s the gay area (they are fine with straight people using their toilets though).
    Also: time flies once you’re in there. We stayed for 11 hours (had to check out at our hostel at 12) but I just felt like shortly having arrived there when Len Faki hammered us for the third straight hour. Might’ve been the MDMA too. The sound system is totally unreal.

    If you don’t get in (like Edwardo) the bouncers felt you wouldn’t fit in that night or you’re not what they were looking for, nothing wrong with you personally they just don’t want you as a guest at that time. Sven Marquardt once described the door policy as a type of “casting”. If you are interesting to him (in any way shape or form) he’ll probably let you in.
    Try again and good luck! :)

  27. Keeners says:

    Berghain (yawn)

  28. ZergHain says:

    Sooo… all that trouble to get into a club. Could someone explain WHY anyone would go through this ordeal? After all, it’s just another techno club in just another abandoned industrial building, like there is in every second town in Germany. And like there has been in every second town in Germany for at least 20 years. Seriously, what’s the big deal? Are they giving away free drugs once you’re in? Or is it rather – honestly – the satisfaction of being of the chosen few to get in?

  29. Why? says:

    1) The best techno acts for a rather cheap entrance fee (mostly its only 12€)
    2) the most intense soundsystem for techno
    3) the best vibe you can get at a techno venue
    4) the best crowd which is full of interesting, FRIENDLY un-snobbish people you can imagine. No bodybuilders who just want to show off either
    5) awesome milkshakes at panne (and they even have an icecream bar on the berghain floor)
    6) nifty naughty little playing field (darkrooms)
    7) a sense of intimate coherence because people are there to have a good time, not get hammered/fucked/altogether at once, without the possibility of being filmed/photographed while you do whatever the fuck you want to do

  30. Doze says:

    Me & my mate took the flight on sunday from Bristol to check this place out. We both work as Hip Hop / Freestyle DJ’s for over 15 years and we we’re both involved in the UK hardcore / techno scene in the early 90’s.

    We got to the door sunday after noon to a 2 second look and a “your not coming in”.

    We both pissed are selfs laughing and walked off. Not big’ing us up but you couldn’t turn away 2 bigger music heads.

  31. Christoph says:

    Very interesting guide and many observations seem familiar.

    I have been in the Berghain maybe 20-25 times now + 2 times bounced – am a local and german.

    What really is important is, be relaxed, wait at the queue bars and not step forward without calling of the bouncer!
    Stop being overly communicative once being maybe 10 meters from the door (once the queue get very narrow and you are close). In my opinion they watch a bit more distant back in the queue, not only the next few people, to check for potentially not fitting people.
    Act normal. Nobody stands completely still and quiet waiting a longer time usually. You are out to have a great night, your favorite or a very good DJ is playing or will be playing… so be relaxed.

    Don’t look like a tourists – which tend to form bigger groups, being louder (because they are more drunk already),…maybe watch some locals how they dress during the day and evening before you go to the berghain.

    I don’t think language matters too much, as Berlin is multicultural! Once inside many people speak english or something else. Mostly foreign language speakers will bounce due to being a tourist too obviously.

    We managed to get in even with a group of four people, but surely that needs some confidence and maybe good experiences in the past. So stick to the maximum 3 people rule. If someone asks you to join your group (to get in together), better say no ;)
    Usually the queue can get quiet long from about 1:30 am on or even 1am, if the lineup is good. But I would say that it’s pretty easy to get in if you stick to the rules until 2am or 2:30. Afterwards the bounces may get a bit more picky.

    Never discuss! – it’s really not worth it! You will not get an answer! But they might remember you when you give it another try an hour later ;-)

    The two times I’ve bounced was one time a group of 4 (2 different people than usual, one a guy who probably didn’t fit) and being there at 3:30am whilst “rush hour” with 4 people.
    Second time was me going straight to the bouncers asking to get access as I was just alone (I was betting/hoping they would remember my face after quiet some visits in the past months and weeks). Sadly they didn’t remember my face and asked me kindly to please get in the queue. (which wasn’t a complete bounce, I think I even may have gotten in alone, but wasn’t willing to wait 1+hours.

  32. Natalie says:

    If anyone wants help to get into Berghain or any of the other harder clubs to get into, I am thinking of starting a club advice service. This is not just for how to get into those places but also info on events that are not so publicised like open airs etc. So visitors can see the “real” Berlin.

    I have lots of experience getting my friends who are visiting in, and showing them around Berlin so message me if you are interested berlinclubbing@hotmail.com

  33. sofia says:

    I’m still annoyed by the fact that I didn’t get in.I honestly think that if the people who go there are really older than 25, they must be some of the most childish 25vers i’ve ever heard of. What a hippster nightmare! supposedly in search for coolness, but only imposing new ways on how to judge new people that just want to have a good time, and really, just be cool, not having to pretend anything

  34. Anelie says:

    I am 20 and look much younger than that, probably 16-17. I would never thought I’d get in. But I decided it’s worth a try just before going back home from Watergate Club. Surprisingly, the bouncers were very friendly. Maybe the fact that I speak good German helped. They asked me how many people are coming inside with me. And how old I am. It was rather sweet because one of the bouncers added something like ‘does your mum know you are here?’
    Basically I got in with no problem and it was the best night out in my life.
    I was wearing creeper shoes, a leather jacket, some jeans shorts and a black tank top. My friend was wearing sneakers, a simple grey t-shirt and a par of very plain jeans. He looks totally straight by the way.

    The door policy is totally random unless you look like a total douche-bag. But I mean I doubt you will get in any other good place looking like a douche.
    So don’t worry if you didn’t get in the first time. You probably will if you try next week or even next day/morning/night.
    It’s got nothing to do with how you look. The policy is totally random.

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