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Berlin Wall, Israeli Wall and Mexican Border wall – All wrong!!!

November 3rd, 2009

What is probably the most interesting, compelling and artistic commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall is the WALL PROJECT taking place in Los Angeles.

Artists have provided works that show clear analogies between the Berlin Wall and the wall the Israelis have erected along the border with the occupied Palestinians and the wall the US has erected along the Mexican border.

This Berlin Wall anniversary remembrance is being organized by the Wende Museum, a private entity, in collaboration with the City of Los Angeles.

Included will be “The Wall Across Wilshire,” scheduled for the 8th November in which a 20m replica of the Berlin Wall will be re-constructed on a part of Wilshire Blvd. in front of the County Museum of Art at midnight.

This commemoration has put the former US president/actor and Hollywood resident Ronald Reagan’s famous slogan “Tear down this wall!” into historical perspective as a somewhat opportunistic rant – while the US government is complacent in the building of the Israeli wall and actually building the wall on the Mexican border.

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