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‘O was ist das schon’ – Germany 3 Netherlands 0 in football friendly yesterday in Hamburg – by OTA-Berlin Constituency sports contributor Mr Filip v d Plas

November 17th, 2011

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“O was ist das schon’, the German audience sang in Hamburg last night and rightfully so. They saw an energetic, creative, alert and motivated team beat a lethargic, sleepy and leaderless Dutch team that seemed to just make the motions – as if they were there simply for some commercial contractual obligation and nothing more.

Now at the close of 2011, the year that Holland had about the best goal differences of all the qualifying teams for the EURO 2012 – the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine – ‘Oranje’ or the Dutch national team have shown their worst result since the arrival of football coach Van Marwijk in 2008.

And while it will be a night he will not want to dwell on all too much, his German counterpart, Jogi Lowe will think back with warm memories from this cold Hamburg evening.

For the Dutch it was the second loss in the last three matches, after the 3-2 loss to Sweden, a horribly boring 0-0 tie with Switzerland and yesterdays 3-0 loss to a young, fit and entertaining German side. It was the first loss in 15 years against Germany and will no doubt raise a lot of questions for the ‘bonds-coach’ Van Marwijk.


The main man responsible for this turfing of the Dutch team one could clearly lay at the magical feet of the German maestro Mesut Özil – who was without a doubt ‘man-of-the-match’ and the driver behind the ‘German goal machine’. The other German who had a great evening was foward Tomas Mueller of Bayern Munchen.

The Dutch simply lost the ball in midfield too many times and this provided the creative combinations which the German coach Jogi Lowe is partially responsible for – and for football enthusiasts it was wonderfull to see these young creative players …I cannot think of a better description than ‘having fun’.

The Dutch press – as it their wont- were scathing in their coverage ‘No passion, no quality, no discipline’ was one representative headline.

This type of thing happens to the Dutch team sometimes – a sort of malaise one can call it – a sort of ‘heh, we are already so good what do we have to prove’ kind of arrogance. The French had it after their great success after winning the World Cup and now even Spain seems to be having some ‘success pains’ having lost recently to England and playing 2-2 with Costa Rica this week.

The coach will have to take note and make sure that the newer and younger players – of which there are a few get a chance to play instead. Better to have dedicated, focused and motivated younger players than a bunch of loser prima-donnas who just go through the motions. Perhaps this was a good negative example needed by the Dutch team in order to rock them out of their apparent lethargy.

It is possible that all of this takes place again in about 6 months time when both the Netherlands and Germany could be pooled in the same preliminary group at the EURO 2012 finals – the groups will be decided on December 2nd.

Where this to take place, or if the game took place at the next stage of the tournament, both coaches , fans and players will think back to this deserved win for Germany and for the poor performance of the Dutch team.

I hope then to see a rivatilzed Dutch team – and may it be great and competitive battle again which could really go either way.

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