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Berlin Hommage to Wilhelm Friedemann Bach – on his 300th birthday to be celebrated tonight at RADIALSYSTEM V

November 22nd, 2010


Berlin Hommage to Wilhelm Friedemann Bach

File:Wilhelm Friedemann Bach.jpg

Ensemble Sans-Souci Berlin

Tickets at the door 18 – 22 €


Holzmarktstraße 33
10243 Berlin, Germany

19.30 Uhr Einführung Philine Lautenschläger
20 Uhr Konzert, im Anschluss Künstlergespräch

Traversflöte   Christoph Huntgeburth und Andrea Theinert
Barockvioline   Irmgard Huntgeburth
Barockviola   Irmgard Huntgeburth und Florian Schulte
Barockcello   Piroska Baranyay
Cembalo   Raphael Alpermann

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, the oldest son of Johan Sebastian was born in Weimar in 1710 where his famous father was employed as organist and court musician.  

A tremendously gifted musician, Wilhelm Friedemann, born on November 22nd 1710, will be getting some extra PR in this his anniversary year – starting tonight at the RADIALSYSTEM V.  http://www.radialsystem.de/rebrush/index.php

 J. S. Bach supervised Friedemann’s musical education and career with great attention and while his younger brother CPE Bach has become the more famous of the Bach sons, it was in fact Wilhelm Friedemann in which his astute father had the most musical confidence.

After an itinerant life of living in different cities, with different musical positions in Northern Germany, he died in Berlin in 1784.

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