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‘Rita B. Chevrolet visits OTA-Berlin’ – Poster for Trailer releashed !

November 24th, 2010


rita chevrolet 

Not coming anytime soon to a theatre near you – and not yet ready for prime-time televsion – but certainly a good short view will be……..

‘Rita B. Chevrolet, from Dorking visits OTA-Berlin!’

Set in present day Berlin starring Rita B. Chevrolet playing herself

Produced by

‘’Inte-als-bra-filmer’ Company – copy write ‘OTA-Berlin GmbH’

A trailer so good – they forgot to make the movie!


With Rita B. Chevrolet playing herself 

Set in present day Berlin…………also with

Coronet Gibson

Angela du Engel

Fergus O’Grady

Eddy Haskel

Colonel Sanders

Eva Poration

Flavius  Sledge

Elliot Ness

Elliot Mess

and introducing………… Ann Actress


A compelling movie about a young Dorking  student,  Ms Rita B. Chevrolet, who seeks cultural and mental fulfilment in Berlin – a city which itself is looking for cultural and mental fulfilment!

A young woman  who dares to actually buy a business-class return ticket and travel alone to Berlin  – one of the safest cities in the world.

A heart-warming film about a sweet but emotionally -and some would even claim intellectually – challenged young woman overcoming the emotional depravity and social nausea of being born into a middle-class family in 1980’s England.

A somewhat moving story of  how  boredom and stolid family life for a young Dorking girl in England changes after her brief, but emotional encounters in Berlin – she changes into a daring and courageous young woman.

A dreary middle-class existence is changed instantly into a  fun visit to the hip part of 2010 Berlin and staying in an ‘ OTA-Berlin Serviced Apartment’.

While it is not a tear- wrenching  drama,  and certainly not a veritable emotional roller coaster of a movie – you will still see how a young woman’s sensuous stupidity can almost, but not quite, overcome her innate wisdom and truth.

A movie with no history, no past, nor any pretentions of profound wisdom – but an honest movie with not very much for everybody – spread out evenly amongst all viewers.

A Trailer so good…….they forgot to make the movie! 


Music tracks provided by the following;

Flamenco Music from CD  ‘Tocador’ – Victor Kolstee


Carson Becke/Piano  &  Yolanda Bruno/Violin

Ludwig van Beethoven –  Sonata for Violin and Piano opus 30

Patrick Graham/Clarinet

Olivier Messiaen – Quatour pour la fin du temps ; L ‘abime des oiseaux

Tait Becke/Vioin  &  Jean Desmarais/Piano

Béla  Bartók – Romanian Dances



Das „OTA-Berlin Constituecny Blog“ bietet Berlin-Gästen einen schnellen Überblick über kulturelle, sportliche und gesellschaftliche Ereignisse in Berlin während Ihres Aufenthaltes. 

 Das „OTA-Berlin Besucher-Blog“ besteht bereits seit Mai 2008. Seine Einträge werden in abwärts chronologischer Weise dargestellt. 

 Das Blog enthält weiterhin kurze Überblicke über relevante Nachrichten aus Deutschland mit Bezug zu Berlin und kommentiert sie, um sie hervorzuheben und Interesse zu wecken. 

Die Möglichkeit für Leser des „OTA-Berlin Besucher-Blogs“ interaktiv Beiträge zu hinterlassen, ist ein wichtiges Merkmal und unterstützt die Teilnahme des Lesers 


 ‘OTA-Berlin Constituency Blog’ is part of OTA-Berlin – the economical   ‘Apartment-Alternative to Hotels’  in Berlin.  

The Blog provides OTA-Berlin guests  a quick overview of the cultural, sports, social and other related activities taking place in Berlin during their stay.  

With daily commentary entries, descriptions of events, and other material such as photographs or video, the blog has become popular amongst a growing number of OTA-Berlin guests – a way of keeping in touch with the city until their next visit.  

‘OTA-Berlin Constituency Blog’ has existed since May 2008 and its entries are displayed in reverse-chronological order. 

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