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British troops to be withdrawn from Germany if Conservatives win next UK election

November 27th, 2009

British troops would be pulled from Germany – nearly 70 years after the end of WWII – if the Conservatives win the next British election according to their shadow Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox. He said it was no longer necessary to maintain the presence of more than 20,000 military personnel and ending the commitment would free up forces to carry out other Nato operations.

Generations of British soldiers and their families have spent time in Germany which is now in the main based in Herford near Bielefeld.

Dr Fox would like new Nato member states from eastern and central Europe, particularly Poland, to take over Britain’s commitments in Germany.Quite how Germany would feel about having Polish, Czech or Romanian troops permanently stationed on its soil the “almost” minister did not or could not say.

Britain has become almost a 2nd-rate military power and does not have the economic clout to compete with militarily with the likes of Russia, China and upcoming economic powers like Brazil and India.

More commendable and more realistic from the upstart shadow minister is the fact that he has asked the civil service to envisage cutting the defence department’s administrative costs by 25% before 2012.

This will certainly raise the ire of all the Humphrey Appelbys and provide more money for the treasury to spend -hopefully where it is sorely needed namely to improve the 3rd rate backward infrastructure all over Britain.

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