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‘Very long dong’ mural bolsters German media rivalry

December 8th, 2009

The “Very-Long-Dong” is not a North Korean rocket, but rather a mural on the side of a Berlin office building.

Berlin artist Peter Lenk created the “mural” some months ago at the behest of the TAZ newspaper, as a “shot at the bow” so to speak and to mock the Bild, whose building is right across the street.

It is more specifically aimed at the Bild editor a Mr Kai Diekmann  – an unfortunate “parody rich” phallic last name in English were one wishing to go that route…. which we are not about to do here.

This all concerns a massive phallus attached to an image of Mr Diekmann which extends upward about 4 stories. His longer than life “member” features in the centre of a huge satirical mural on the outside wall of the TAZ newspaper building.

Bild has  probably more than 3 million daily readers [or look at the pictures at least] and offers its buyers the usual middle of the road-pabulum of sex, sport, crime and milk-toast right wing political reporting.

The nearest English-language equivalent could be the British “Sun”.

Its motto of being “independent” and “non-partisan” are prominently displayed below its logo . However, as with most newspapers who feel the urge to prominently advertise this particular fact – they are just the opposite.

TAZ [Tagezeitung] sells circa 65,000 papers a day and appeals mainly to leftwing and non-mainstream alternative life styles readers.  It has a history of posturing and doing anything to raise the ire of the conservative German establishment – most of whom live far outside of Berlin.

Four months ago, Taz hired Ms Ines Pohl, as its new editor. She has been hired to steer the paper back to its left-wing origins, and feels [rightfully] that the joke is now over and let’s move on to being a serious paper again.

She has now openly rejected the mural and wants it removed. However it seems it may be a hard sell to some of those in the paper who want “the penis to stay!”

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