Our Neighbourhood

Summer/Fall 2020
Historical Sites
1. Ernst-Thälmann-Park
Socialist architecture park, always, map A4
Fancy a dose of socialist architecture? Locals might not love this park but it perfectly showcases “Good Bye Lenin”-style DDR high rises. Marvel at the huge monument to Ernst himself.
2. Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer
OFF-MAP: Berlin Wall memorial, visitor center daily 8-22h, map B1
The famous Berlin Wall divided the city into two from 1961-1989. And this is the city’s central memorial to it, extending along 1.4 km of the former border and containing information about how Germany’s division played out. Follow Bernauer Str. for 550m (6 min) direction west from the map icon to get there.
3. Gethsemanekirche
Church, Sun 11h, open May-Sep 17-19h, map B2
The largest and most well-known Lutheran church in this area. It was a major meeting point in the 1980s for the human rights movement of the DDR.
4. Jüdischer Friedhof
Jewish cemetery Mon-Thu 8-16h, Fri 7:30-13h, map B3
This Jewish cemetery dates back to 1827 and, undestroyed by the Nazis, remains an important landmark of the city’s rich Jewish history. Instead of flowers, the tradition is to lay small stones on the graves.
5. Kulturbrauerei
Old brewery turned cultural hub, each venue with own opening hrs., map A2
Instead of beer, this late-19th-century brewery now flows with culture — in the form of open air events, Christmas markets, clubs, a museum, a concert space and a cinema.
6. Synagoge Rykestraße
Synagogue, tours by appointment, map A3
One of Europe’s largest synagogues offers stunning architecture and remarkable history. It was built in 1904, survived the Nazis, and was the only synagogue functioning in Communist East Berlin. Call ahead of time to arrange a visit.
7. Wasserturm Prenzlauer Berg
Water tower, no access, map B3
This British-built water tower was the highest point of the city when completed in 1877. Nicknamed “Fat Hermann”, it was the site of an early Nazi concentration camp — and its apartments are much in demand today.
8. Zionskirche
Church, Sun 12-17h with tower access, map B2
This church was the domain of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a pastor and icon of resistance during fascist times. It still gives a positive viewpoint on the world, or at least Berlin, if you fancy climbing the tower on Sundays.
Parks & Markets
9. Flohmarkt Arkonaplatz
Park & flea market, Sun 10-16h, map B1
Ten minutes’ walk from the Mauerpark madness, Flohmarkt Arkonaplatz is a smaller and more refined flea market. Expect quality furniture, accessories, clothing, vinyl and books — and plenty of refreshment in the surrounding cafés.
10. Helmholtzplatz
Square & neighbourhood, map A3
Berlin is divided into mini-hoods called “kiez” (pronounced “keets”). And this one takes its name from the leafy square Helmholtz­platz at its heart. So be sure to explore its surrounding streets to experience the full package.
11. Kollwitzplatz
Park & market, Thu 9-16h, Sat 9-16h, map B3
Kollwitzplatz plays host to two weekly markets: Satur­day has one of Berlin’s star organic farmers’ markets, while Thursday — with ready-to-eat organic­ food stalls — will satisfy a more immediate hunger.
12. Leisepark
Park & old graveyard, Mar-Oct 8-20h, Nov-Feb 8-17h, map B4
Even many locals don’t know about Leisepark, set in a former graveyard, which has the feel of an enchanted park from centuries past. Take a stroll and even sun yourself a while — if you don’t find it too creepy.
13. Mauerpark
Park & flea market, start Sun 15h, map A1
Thousands descend on Mauerpark every Sunday afternoon all year round for the famous flea market. Beyond 170 booths of clothes, furniture and more, find food, drink, live music, dancing, basketball — and a karaoke show.
14. Volkspark Friedrichshain
OFF-MAP: Large park, map B4
This giant park might belong to Friedrichshain, but Volkspark Friedrichshain runs alongside southwest Pberg for easy access. It has a pond, tennis courts, a restaurant and a post-WWII rubble mountain. Follow Am Friedrichshain st. for ­130m (2 min) direction east from the map icon.
15. Weinbergspark
Park, map B1
Mitte’s only official public park, Weinbergs­park features Swiss restaur. Nola, an arts space, a bar called Rosengarten and a water playground for kids. In sunnier months it gets evening rays for longer, making it a hipster and beer magnet.
Arts & Entertainment
16. Ballhaus Ost
Dance theater, entry ca. 15€ (8€), program view site, map A2
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An old, charming ballroom plays host to the experimental dance, theatrical and mixed-art performances space. Check first if the language is German, English or purely physical — and prepare to get avant-garde.
17. Bauen & Wohnen im P'berg
Museum, entry 3€ (1,50€), Thu-Tue 11-16:30h, map A3
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Transport yourself to an ­authentic Prenzlauer Berg apartment from 1900 — in this evocative, interactive exhibition that functions as a time capsule. Info flyers in multiple languages are available on site.
18. Berlin on Bike
Bike tours & rental, summer daily 8-20 Uhr, map A2
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Limited time? Feel like going further? So join a regular guided tour in DE/NL/EN/FR (daily from March to November), book an individual tour, or stop by and rent a bike to roam by yourself. Very friendly people in a great location.
19. Museum Alltag in der DDR
Museum, free entry, daily 10-18h, Thu till 20h, Mon closed, map A2
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Discover everyday life in the former DDR, the socialist Deutsche Demokratische Republik. The museum is located in “culture brewery” the Kulturbrauerei — a great spot in its own right. Don’t miss it!
20. Museum Pankow
Museum, free entry, daily 10-18h (excl. holidays), map B3
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Get some serious insights into the undoing of the DDR, the former socialist half of Germany. Experience the rich history of Prenzlauer Berg before, during and after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
21. Tchoban Foundation
Museum, entry 5€ (3€), Mon-Fri 14-19h, Sat-Sun 13-17h, map B3
Itself an amazing piece of architecture, this museum is dedicated to architectural drawing, and preventing the art from being lost in an age of computer-generated design. Consider reserving for a guided tour of the entire building.
22. Zeiss-Großplanetarium
Planetarium, entry usually 8€ (6€), hrs. view site, map A4
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One of Europe’s largest modern planetaria was built by the socialist DDR government. It’s not only used for astronomy shows, but also hosts musical concerts — and even audio drama.
Cafés & Refreshments
23. Archetyp Cafe
Specialty coffee shop, art space, lunch resto., Mon/Wed-Fri 8-18h, Sat-Sun 9:30-18h, map A4
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Micro-roasters bring the good stuff here, from espresso to batch- and hand-brewed coffee. Soften the buzz with homemade sweets and lunch plates including vegan choices. Check the website for the cultural event calendar.
24. be sweet
Vegan organic gluten-free bakery & café, open hours see website, map B3
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We've never seen any vegan pastries look that beautiful and taste that delicious. The chef Inés achieves this by developing her own independent creations. The best ingredients are used. Your non-vegan friends will love it too!
25. Bekarei
Café & bakery, daily 7:30-18:30h, map A3
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Discover this welcoming Portuguese/Greek bakery & café, famous in Berlin not only for its Galão and Pastel pastries. Also offering breakfast, NY cheesecake, sandwiches and fresh juices. We love the startling DDR-era space.
26. Café Fleury
Café & bistro, daily 9-19h, map B1
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Berlin life can be brash. So stop here for a French “savoir vivre” remedy. All-day breakfast is joined by quiches, croques, salads and soups from noon – plus delicious family-recipe tartes. Finish the day with a glass of wine or an apéritif.
27. Café Neue Liebe
Café & bistro, Wed-Mon 10-18h, map A3
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This small, homely, simply friendly place serves vegetarian and vegan sweet and savory dishes, including a great breakfast. All goes down well on the peaceful, morning-sun street terrace. The vegan Belgian waffles are a must.
28. Kaffe
Café & bistro, Mon-Fri 7:30-19h, Sat-Sun 9-19h, map B4
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This cosy neighbourhood institution represents an alternative lifestyle still alive in P'berg. Visit for a typical ’Berliner breakfast’ and other local dishes. Or come for movie night on Thursdays, dedicated to pre-1989 East German film.
29. Kauf Dich Glücklich
Fashion, Mon-Sat 11-20h, map B2 / Café & more, Mon-Thu 10-21:30h, Fri-Sat 10-23:30h, Sun 10-22:30h, map A2
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Everything started with a cozy café in Prenzlauer Berg where you can still eat what people call Berlin's best waffles. Today it’s a beloved concept store with a great selection of fashion, lifestyle and interior brands.
30. Luftschlösschen Berlin
Pastry shop, Tue-Sat 10-18h, Sun 12-18h, map A4
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Flowes, herbs, and spices are lovingly used to make an array of artistic delicacies here. Walk in any time during the day and be spoiled with a succulent range of food, drinks, and luxurious desserts. Ask about catering and weddings.
Brunch & speciality coffee, Mon-Fri 9-16h, Sat-Sun 9-17h, brunch till 14h, map A3
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Nourish a brunch or break with homemade sweets or savory dishes in an unpretentious atmosphere at one of the founders of speciality coffee culture in Berlin and enjoy the cozy outside seatings on one of Berlin’s most beautiful streets.
32. Nothaft Cafe
Specialty coffeeshop & bistro, Mo-Fri 8-18h, Sat-Sun 9-18h, map A2
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Our go-to near Eberswalder station for authentic coffee culture. Instead of another chain, expect good vibes from an owner preparing great hot drinks, juices and sweet and savory dishes to boost you through your day.
33. Spooning Cookie Dough
Cookie dough bar, open daily 13-20h, map A3
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Cookie dough for spooning? Sure! A childhood dream come true and without a guilty conscience. We renounce everything that causes stomach ache and offer you every day delicious, freshly prepared cookie dough in changing varieties.
34. Suicide Sue
Café & bistro, Mon-Fri 8-18h, Sat 9-19h, Sun 10-19h, map A3
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Don’t let the name scare you – enter this café to enjoy hazard-free treats like delicious breakfasts or “Stulle” with homemade spreads. This specially German sandwich only works with excellent bread — which Sue provides.
35. Tribeca Ice Cream
Vegan ice cream parlor, Tue-Sun 13-18h, map A3
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Found on Prenzl’berg’s most esteemed promenade, Tribeca’s delicious vegan ice cream is 100% plant-based and free of gluten, soy and refined sugar. It’s also a fantastic spot to get in with the locals. Very kid-friendly!
Restaurants & Delis
Biscuit maker & tasting room, Tue/Wed 11-14h, Thu/Fri 11-17h, map A3
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Discover multiple and changing versions of the typical Tuscan almond pastry produced at this local bakery. Have them straight, dip 'em, bring them along to meetings, or even sample them savory with an aperitivo.
37. Chutnify
South Indian specialties restaurant, daily 12-23h, map A3
Not your parents’ old-school Indian place. Enjoy street-food-style samosa chaat, bhelpuri, and vada – plus traditional dosa, thali, and curry – in a curated, colorful South Indian-style setting with a warm and welcome feeling.
38. Gina Bistrot
Italian café, bistro & pasta manufacture, Sun-Fri 12-17h, map B2
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With its sun-facing street-side terrace toward a quiet park, you’re guaranteed a quality time. And food and drinks of course. Watch the owner hand-make her pasta, indulge in their home-made biscuits and Italian ice cream and other specialties.
39. Holy Flat!
Veggie/vegan fusion eatery, Mon-Fri 12-21h, map A2
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Taste the whole world in one bowl or flatbread. The charming team here always goes great lengths to ‘un-hungry’ you, by rapidly serving up a yummy dish. We love the watermelon and goat cheese ‘fresh bowl’.
40. Ilsebill
Vegan/vegetarian + fish/meat restaurant, open Tue-Sat 11-18h, map A2
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A great new idea: All dishes are excellent vegan/vegetarian compositions in their own right, but can be topped with fish or meat. So fish/meat eaters are happy to join, and the v-crowd is freed from the ever-present soya fig leaf.
41. Iron Heart Germany
Italian football restaurant & bar, open daily from noon, map B3
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Giuliano from the popular Donath restaurant hatched this place for a dose of football with style. Three daily dishes, cold cuts, drinks and coffee are served in an intimate atmosphere with an outside area – all hidden in a beautiful yard.
42. Le Belfort
French café, resto & wine bar, Tue-Sun 9-18h, map B3
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This great new addition to our hood serves hearty & delicious French cuisine including huge brunches. We also love their croissants, homemade cakes, duck confit & snails. Join for breakfast, lunch, dinner – or just coffee or a glass of wine.
43. Lia's Kitchen
Vegan burgers & salads, daily 12-22h, map B3
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This small, cozy neighbourhood joint is 100% vegan. We keep coming back for favorites like homemade fresh burgers, huge salads and super delicious vegan chocolate balls. Highest quality and nutritional value guaranteed.
44. Maria Bonita
Mexican fast food, daily from 12h, map A3, card payments from 15€
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Not your 1970s-style Mexican place — this place serves straightforward street-food cuisine. Fresh, homemade tacos, quesadillas, burritos and weekly specials, washed down with margaritas in a colorful interior as authentic as the food.
45. Nauta
Nikkei food restaurant & pisco bar, Tue-Sat from 18h till late, map B2
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Nauta’s new cook Diego Velasquez, known from Lima’s top restaurant Astrid y Gaston, further steps up his game. Enjoy unforgettable Peruvian fusion cuisine, from refined ceviche, and fish or meat mains, to the fine pisco sour.
46. Pizza Nostra
Italian Pizzeria, Mon-Sat 12-24h, map A2/A3
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Giuseppe and Luca Giugliano are continuing the 100-year-old Neapolitan culinary tradition of their family in Berlin. The delicious pizzas are made to old family recipes – which even include some non-round varieties from the Old Country.
47. Restaurant Bricole
Int'l cuisine restaurant, Tue-Sat from 18:30h, map A3
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At a spot garlanded by Gault Millau and Gusto, enjoy exquisite four to six course menus including water alongside a choice of 200 wines. With a casual setting and fair prices – no wonder it's usually packed with locals.
48. Ryong
Vietnamese-Japanese restaurant, Mon-Sat 12-23h, Sun from 14h, map B3
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We love this place for its experimental veggie/vegan dishes combining Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine, the relaxed and super-friendly team, and the incredibly well-done decor. Great for a casual lunch as well as an intimate dinner.
49. Schnitzelei
Swiss alpine cuisine & mountain terrace, daily 10-1h (kitchen 23h), map B1
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This unique place resides inside a 1950s park pavilion in Weinbergspark. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or a sun-downer on the terrace, with long evening sun hours, overlooking the park, or in the stone-walled, chalet-style interior.
50. Suzette Crêperie
French restaurant & crêperie, Wed-Sat 12:00-15:30, 18:00-22:00, Sun 12:00-21:30, map A2
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Teleport to the coasts of Brittany with every bite of crêpe here. What's more, the atmosphere evokes the traditional “savoir vivre” of those Gallic climes. Sweet offerings match gluten-free savoury galettes, along with delicious cider.
51. W – Der Imbiss
Vegan & vegetarian fusion food, Sun-Thu 12-22h, Fri-Sat till 23h, map B2
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Take McDonald's and turn it upside down, including the logo, and it becomes this fantastic world-fusion restaurant, serving mostly veggie/vegan plus salmon dishes on fresh-baked naan bread. Visit their new joint in Schöneberg, too!
52. WILD & RAW
Poké bowl restaurant. Tue-Sun 12-21:30h, map B1/2
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Poké might be the latest craze but the owners here are way beyond jumping on the bandwagon. Clean tofu and fish creations, from the highest quality ingredients, fulfil everything the beautiful interior promises. Have a bowl!
53. BRYK Bar
Cocktail bar, daily from 19h, map A3
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A real gentle(wo)man’s place to be. Get surprised by lovely staff, a cozy atmosphere, and creative drinks focused on selected fresh ingredients. Take a seat on the street-side terrace in summer or by the fireplace in winter.
Shops & Services
54. Arys Berlin
Fashion store & brand, Mon 12-18h, Don-Sat 13-19h, map A3
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The Berlin label ARYS stands for fair and high-quality fashion and teamed up with likeminded brands, which combine latest technologies of outdoor clothing with minimalistic design. Check out this progressive store concept to see for yourself.
55. Bananas
Jewelry and Fashion designer, Mon-Thu 11–19h, Fr-Sat 11-20h, map A3
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Dream your look guilt-free – Bananas shows sustainable jewellery and fashion is possible, attainable, and gorgeous. Their range is ethically created and sourced from tropical islands and Italy for a powerful blend of colourful and classy.
56. Buchbox!
German/English book store & café, Mon-Sat 9:30-20:30h, map A2/3/4, English: A2 bottom icon
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Your book dealer in P'berg. This is a fine spot to grab a copy about the city or the hood. Pick up some apt Berlin souvenirs like postcards and maps, or just plunge into your book right there with a cup of steaming coffee.
57. d.nik
Kids concept store, Mon-Fri 10-19h, Sat 10-18h, map A3
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At this enchanting concept store for children, Jana, the owner, hand-picks all items. That means you’ll find sustainable furniture, smart toys and books, along with contemporary fashion and lovely shoes.
58. das goodshaus / biogoods
Lifestyle concept store & café/deli, Mon-Sat 11-20h, map A2
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Treat yourself and your home, with the gifts, good food and coffee available at this interior concept store combined with café and organic grocery. Natural, sustainable, beautiful, yet functional, not to mention a relaxing spot to visit.
59. DEAR
Unisex designer vintage store, Mon-Sat 12-19h, map A2/A3
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Specialized second hand designer clothes for him & her. Delve in the glamour of their distinctive clothing pieces, shoes, and accessories from selected labels. Let yourself be drawn into the beauty and class. A real hidden treasure!
60. Dr. Bronner's
Fair, organic, sustainable soap & personal care store, Mon-Sat 11-19h, map B1
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The beloved soap brand’s only physical store worldwide is where to learn about its products, and the values and goals behind them. As a Benefit-Corp, Dr. Bronner’s supports positive impact for workers, society, and the environment.
61. FlagshipStore
Women's & men's fashion & accessory store, Mon-Fri 12-20h, Sat 11-20h, map A2
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Celebrating 10 years supporting small brands, from Berlin and beyond, on their way to reach a larger audience. Here's your chance to discover rare treasures with a local feel. For us, being in P'berg means promoting sustainability.
62. Flow Footbike
Kickscooter sale & rental, Mon-Fri 10-18h, map A3
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You’ve walked, you’ve biked... Time for a footbike! The comfy way to explore our city; all it takes is one small step from riding to walking when passing a pedestrian zone. Combine foot and footbike for a sightseeing-hiking combo.
63. Hannes Roether
Men's & women's wear stores and label, Mon-Sat 11-19h, map B2
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This quintessentially German collection appeals beyond trend to confident folks living mindfully in the present. Focusing on wool and other knits, all made in Europe, its traditional earthiness offers hope for a sustainable future.
64. Hortus Conclusus
Gardening & nature concept store, Tue-Fri 11-20h, Sat 10-18h, map A4
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The art of gardening – literally. With its inspiring literature, most beautiful gifts, artistic objects or paper goods, and changing exhibitions, this enchanted store will make you walk in real and imaginary gardens. They serve coffee, too!
65. La Kritzeria
Liquorice store, Tue/Wed/Fri 14-19h, Thu 14-20h, Sat 11-16h, map A3
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Liquorice is back in. If you’re not hooked yet, stop in here to sample drops sold by the gram – in sweet and savoury styles. Beer infused with the root extract is also available, as is... liquorice liquor.
Women's bag & accessory brand & store, Mon-Fri 11-19h, Sat 11-18h, map B3
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For her flagship store, designer Marijana wonderfully mixes her own handbags with other fresh labels. Beyond leather goods, you’ll find a fine choice of jewelry, sunglasses, bonnets, and interior design objects. Shop tax free with Global Blue!
67. Maisinger Berlin
Home Accessoires, Tue-Fri 12-18:00h, Sa. 12-18:00h, map B1
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Discover the light, colourful, cheerful personal journey of owner Krista Elfinger. The motto is ”For those who love beautiful things, and whose world is their home”. And her everyday objects balance “made to last” design with affordability.
68. Massage Therapy Knyphausen
Certified physiotherapist and osteopath, by appointment, map
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Johanna has been known as a miracle worker – as our own massage therapist, she once cured us of an ailment we thought was incurable. If you’re in need of a treatment, schedule an appointment at her secluded home practice.
69. Noodles Noodles & Noodles
Authentic Furniture Showroom, Mon-Fri 10-19h, Sat 12-18h, map A2
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Meet the Noodles… producers of industrial inspired, sturdy and solidly constructed furniture for work- and living spaces. Very authentic showroom - we love the rough yet refined touch.
70. PonyHütchen
Natural cosmetic store & brand, Tue-Sat 12-19h, map B3
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A local brand of sustainable, handmade, vegan, natural cosmetics. Originating out of a hobby for self-supply, all products are now made in Berlin, using the highest standards, yet never losing the founder’s sense for a pinch of irony.
71. Present & Paper
Paper goods & lifestyle accessories, Mon-Fri 12-19h, Sat 12-17:30h, map A3
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If you believe even a paper clip can be chosen with great care, you’ve found your heaven here. Finely selected and carefully displayed stationery, among other gift ideas, make this place an outstanding shop in the district.
72. Sommernest
Concept store for home, gift & fashion, Tue-Fri 11-19h, Sat 10-17h, map A4
This concept store has everything that makes happy. Beautiful gifts, home-design and scandinavian fashion that makes hearts beat faster. This insider tip has long been an institiution in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg. A must-see for shopping!
73. Soul Objects
Concept store & art gallery, Mon-Sat 11-19h, map B4
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Named among the top 50 concept stores on this planet, this soulful place needs to be visited. Well-curated artisanal products, both vintage or new, are carefully displayed among local art. A must-see.
74. The Dudes
Unisex fashion brand & store, Mon-Sat 12-20h, map A2
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The Dudes are a collective having many strings to their bow: BBQ restaurant, music production & record label. Nonetheless, this spot remains delightfully non-PC and unfashionable . They approach life with some sarcasm. Join them!
Designer store, Mon-Fr 10–19h, Sat 10-16h, map B4
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Seize your slice of Berlin lifestyle at this impeccable designer store. The eyecatching display of watches gives its name some meaning, while urban trends plus sustainable styles in other products and accessories combine big and niche brands.
76. Urban Bike Tours
Bike rental, tours & coffee daily 10-18h, map B2
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A lovely place to rent a brand new city, trekking, mountain, kids, and e-bikes or join them on an individual bike tour cuz they truly know the best secret places in Berlin. They also serve a great coffee and variety of products.
77. Weinladen Schmidt
Wine shop & bar, Mon-Fri 13-22h, Sat 10-22h, map B3
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The Schmidts know about wine – they’ve imported it to Berlin since 1964. Their wineries have friendly, knowledgable service, and even host seminars. Try some labels out at this prime spot – but move fast for an outdoor seat in summer.
78. Wertvoll
Sustainable fair fashion store, Mon-Fri 12-18h, Sat 11-18h, map A4
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Don't miss Berlin's oldest fair fashion store, stocking brands that are exclusively transparent and authentic. Their sustainable materials and ethically responsible production guarantee you a fabulously beautiful yet conscious purchase!
79. Wollmeister.Berlin
Merino wool fashion store, Tue-Sat 11-19h, map A3
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Merino not only offers comfort, versatility and temperature compensation. It's also gentle on the skin and better than synthetic textiles for our planet. Browse the finest wool at Wollmeister, all produced humanely and sustainably.
80. Zeha Berlin
Unisex shoe store, Mon-Fri 12-20h, Sat 10-18h, map A4
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Encase your feet in a 120-year heritage of innovation and style, courtesy of these sneakers, boats and formal loafers. Though the Berlin-designed, Portugal-crafted shoes are available worldwide – this is best place to adore them.
81. Zweimalschön Charity Shop
Second-hand store for clothing, shoes, books and home items, Mon-Sat 11-20h, map A3
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Not your hipster second-hand store, but a place for the rest of us to find great everyday fashion, books, and home items. Your spending money goes to charity, and you can also help out by donating items.